Population: Links to Other Data Sites

Communities Count is evaluating options for Population indicators that are not already part of the Communities Count repertoire. This page provides links to sites that offer data on the population of King County.

U.S. Census QuickFacts for King County, WA.

Communities Count has maps, with population estimates, of King County regions and health reporting areas.

Maps (by census tracts) of King County demographics:  median income, poverty, race/ethnicity, and languages spoken are presented by King County’s Equity and Social Justice Team.

King County AIMs High provides King County data on poverty and homelessness.

The King County Library System conducts in-depth community studies of 4-5 community library service areas each year and posts these reports, by year, on their Community Studies page.  These reports contain a wealth of demographic information on individual communities throughout King County. 

King County Profile from Washington State Data Book provides population numbers for individual cities and towns in King County.

The Washington State Office of Financial Management provides yearly population estimates for King County cities. Click here for the most recent estimate.

Puget Sound Regional Council presents population data on King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. Although sub-county data are not presented, links to data from the decennial census and the American Community Survey are provided. 

Washington State Population Survey (discontinued after 2010); has King County data, collected every other year from 1998 through 2010); focus on employment, family poverty, in-migration, health, and health insurance coverage:  Can download existing data files.  

Notes, Sources & Related Links