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Blacks and Hispanics are more likely than Asians and whites to live in unaffordable housing. 

Households that pay a high percentage of their income for housing have little left for other necessities. The quest for affordable housing (costing less than 30% of income) can mean moving far from family, friends, work, school, and childcare arrangements. People who live in unaffordable housing may scrimp on food and forego necessary healthcare and medications.

More than 1 in 3 rental and mortgage-holding households spends at least 30% of income on housing (cost-burdened).  1 in 6 households spends at least half of income on housing (severely cost-burdened).

  • More than half of households headed by Blacks and Hispanics are cost-burdened or severely cost-burdened.
  • Households headed by Blacks and Hispanics experiences higher cost burdens than those headed by Asians and whites.