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While farmers' markets increase access to healthy food in all King County regions, most markets are in Seattle.

A total of 26 farmers' markets -- all 17 in Seattle, plus 5 in South Region and 2 each in North and East Regions -- accept EBT cards for Basic Food purchases. Click on the map below to go to a website with map of farmers’ markets, plus current locations and hours.

  • The South Region is home to 36% of King County residents, but hosts fewer than 20% of the county’s farmers' markets.
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards for food assistance are accepted at …
    • 100% of Seattle’s 17 farmers' market locations
    • 50% of North Region’s 4 farmers' markets (Bothell farmers' market is included, although it is technically in Snohomish County)
    • 63% of South Region’s 8 farmers' markets
    • 50% of East Region’s 12 farmers' markets

"We do have a farmers market from June to October. And I am on WIC, so I do take advantage of that program. They give me fruit vouchers and bread vouchers and milk vouchers, which helps a lot. … my girls love going to the farmers market. Most of them have samples of kettle corn and stuff like that. So they like the samples. And of course they like corn on the cob. So they know if we go down there, we’re going to get corn on the cob, so that makes their day."
Communities Count Interview with a single mom of 3 children living in South King County