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Arts & Culture: Links to Other Data Sites

As Communities Count re-evaluates its Arts & Culture indicators, this page offers access to other sites that provide data (or interesting perspectives) on Arts & Culture in King County, Seattle, and/or Washington State.


Arts Education

  • Legislation:  In 2004, Washington State passed a law requiring comprehensive, sequential, standards-based instruction in all arts disciplines, taught by highly qualified instructors, accessible to all students, and assessed in 2008-09 and beyond, with results reported to OSPI.  Arts graduation requirement started with the graduating Class of 2012.
  • ArtsEd Washington works to advance and increase arts education in K-12 schools in Washington, and provides links to research reports, including a 2012 national report that found a persistent equity gap in the availability of arts education.
  • Information about arts education
  • Arts education projects in King County that address inequities and/or focus on youth or underserved populations:
    • The VERA PROJECT “fosters a participatory creative culture through popular music concerts, arts programs, experiential learning, and volunteer opportunities for all ages, especially young people (ages 14-24).” 
    • Arts Corps “unlocks the creative power of youth through arts education and community collaboration so that all young people have the courage to imagine and freedom to create a just and vibrant future.” Data on effectiveness of Art Corps participation are presented and include indicators such as school absences and academic performance.
    • PATH with Art harnesses the power of the creative process as a unique means for personal growth, building community and a road to stability.  Started by teaching art at homeless shelters. 
    • REEL GRRLS, the first media arts center for girls in the U.S., “empowers young women from diverse communities to realize their power, talent and influence through media production.” Media arts and leadership training program for girls ages 9-19.
    • Keeping the Faith – The Prison Project is an art-based educational residency program that enables incarcerated women and girls to discover a sense of identity … through performance, video documentation and a published anthology of their writings.”
  • Arts education in Washington communities

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